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A piece of the Alps for your home


BREATHE ACTIVELY AND FREELY. In periods of colds and icy weather,

the alpine essential oils of wild thyme, scotch pine, mint and eucalyptus

will keep you freely breathing again. Ideal before retiring and during the

day. Ingredients: wild thyme, scotch pine, mint, eucalyptus, lavender,

sea-buckthorn, bee wax, rosemary, cypresses. Application: apply to the

chest and back and gentle massage into the skin.


DRIVE FOR THOSE TIRED JOINTS. Juniper and wild rose further your

mobility und build up your fitness. Suitable before and after sports. Ideal

for sports’ people, hikers. Ingredients: dwarf juniper, rosehips, jojoba,

lavender, bee wax, olive oil, rosemary. Application: apply and gently massage

the balm into the joints (knees, feet and ankles, hips, ...).

Organic Balm, 50 ml 14,80 €



legs gel with high quality alpine herbs and plants is a pleasure for tired

legs. Precious chestnut and mint extract and pure essential oils restore

and revitalize your legs and give you new strength and endurance.

Leg gel, 100 ml 16,20 €


KEEP YOUR MUSCLES FIT. Bracing alpine essential oils f arnica and St.

John’s Goat Weed Wort lend help for supporting your fitness. Suitable

before and after sports. Ideal for sports’ people and hikers, etc... Ingredients:

arnica, St. John’s Goat Weed Wort, jojoba, spruce, rosehips, bee

wax, rosemary. Application: apply the balm and gently massage into the

muscles (back, legs, arms, ...).


CARE FOR STRESSED SKIN. Caring essential oils or blue camomile and

marigold regenerate the skin and provide skin protection. Immediate and

long sustainable effectiveness even for strongly stressed skin.

Ingredients: camomile, marigold, bees wax, sea-buckthorn, olive oil,

rosehips, karitè butter. Application: apply the balm and gently massage

into stressed parts of the skin (hands, feet, elbows,).


Enjoy relaxation. Have a cup of tea from one of our relaxing herbal- and

fruit teas, refined with the ‘tingling’ fresh notes of citrus myrtle and lavender

blossoms. This glorious combination of fruits and herbs will lead you

on an all-round carefree journey. Simply enjoy these unique and therapeutically

pleasant tea varieties.

herbal teas, 15 filterbags 8,70 €

Südtirol fragrance 212 balance

The journey begins in the south-Mediterranean climate with coaxing

sweet harmonious scents. Apple blossoms and rose petals reminiscent

of warm summer nights.

A delicate accord of jasmine and geranium gives feminine elegance. Herbs

and spices make Südtirol fragrance 212 an irresistible bouquet with an

Italian flair and an alpine soul.

Südtirol fragrance 505 well-being

Immerse yourself in the wonderful mix of tradition and Mediterranean

flair. The scents of coffee, cinnamon and almonds are as cosy as candlelight

and as warming as a crackling open fire. Be captivated by the pleasant

aroma of delicious apples and fresh limes, vanilla and oranges at the

fruit market, the Südtirol fragrance 505 brings a delicate, fruity note to

your home which evokes memories of sunny summer warmth.

Südtirol fragrance 707 green passion

Magnificent, colourful, green gardens in the heat of summer and full,

blooming meadows. Unusual but harmonious, the juxtaposition of tomatoes

and herbs, spices and flowers.

The intense green herbaceous scent of flowers mixes pleasantly with the

light floral note of lavender and the fruity Mediterranean aroma of bergamot

and grapefruit.

Südtirol fragrance 1900 relaxing

Walking through the forests of South Tyrol there is a calm oasis. The air

is slightly spicy, filled with the scent of pine needles and mint, oak moss,

lichens and resin.

Balmy, earthy, mossy, a fragrance with distinct contours. Contrapuntally,

the mild sweetness of the berries: strawberry, raspberry and blueberry

harmoniously balanced. Südtirol fragrance 1900 is an irresistible


pure natural ARGAN OIL

This high-grade ORGANIC-certified, lightly roasted Argan Oil, also known

in Morocco as ‘liquid gold’, is gained from the seeds of the fruit of the

Argan tree and possesses a high concentration of essential fatty acids.

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E and is especially suitable

for dry, sensitive, mature and stressed skin types. The oil has a protective

and caring effect and strengthens the nails and dry hair.

Argan Oil, 200 ml 34,90 €

Südtirol fragrance 3905 vitalizing

Crossing glaciers, climbing cliffs, the air is clear, the visibility virtually unlimited.

At the core of the fragrance: meadow, mint and the unmistakable

hint of pine and larch.

Firm enough to venture into high alpine regions. Delicate flowers, grasses

and mosses complete this unique Südtirol fragrance 3905.

Südtirol fragrance, 200 ml 28,00 €

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With a minimum stay of 7 nights:

• Book at least 60 days before your intended arrival and receive a discount of 20% on your stay. In the periods from the 26th July to the 23th August 2020 and from the 26th December 2019 to the 6th January 2020 and from 22nd February to the 01 March 2020 the discount is 10%.
• For bookings made no later than 30 days before arrival you will receive 10% discount, except the periods from the 26th July to the 23th August 2020 and from the 26th December 2019 to the 6th January 2020 and from 22nd February to the 01 March 2020.

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