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[Translate to en:] Cavallinospa | cosmetics

Mare’s milk is healthy and beauty enhancing. This has been known by many different peoples for thousands of years. It is rich in vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements and minerals. Our Cavallinospa natural cosmetics line stands out due to its high mare’s milk content. In combination with its unique active ingredients extracted from local flowers and herbs, and enhanced with sea buckthorn and evening primrose oil, Cavallinospa offers much more than standard body care products do. The Cavallinospa products are effective and have a longlasting effect. Long-term and targeted use will unpack its extraordinary nourishing potential.

Cosmesi naturale certificata BIO

No synthetic fragrances, no colouring agents, no- preservatives, -silicon, -paraffin, no animal trials, no alcohol content. ICEA – ORGANIC certified natural cosmetics

Cavallinospa | FACE CREAM

50 ml | 39,00 €
This intensive moisturizer was specially developed as a intensive regenerating skincare product. Ideal care using a natural combination of active ingredients for sensitive, dry and highly demanding skin. The intense, yet gentle cream helps strengthen the skin’s own barrier function against external influences. The pleasantly fast absorbing cream will give your skin new strength and resilience and leave a satiny soft comfortable feeling.

Cavallinospa | FACE SERUM

30 ml | 35,00 €
This powerfully regenerating special serum will give you a radiant complexion and provide you with new energy. The stimulating active ingredients provide your skin with extra moisture and lend greater elasticity.

Cavallinospa | FACE TONIC

200 ml | 22,00 €
Mild facial toner for optimal refreshment after cleansing with mare’s milk, comfrey and chestnut extracts.

Cavallinospa | CLEANING MILK

200 ml | 19,00 €
Clean and maintain pores deep down. For soft, clear skin. Contains refreshing blueberry extracts and the incomparable mare’s milk active ingredients.

Cavallinospa | BODY CREAM

250 ml | 27,00 €
Experience the full body care that makes your skin feel smooth and gives it a radiant appearance while gently seducing your senses. Feel the valuable and regenerative nutrients brought by the evening primrose oil, the sea buckthorn and the mare’s milk to every pore.

Cavallinospa | SHOWERGEL

200 ml | 15,00 €
Showering becomes an experience. Mare’s milk and rose hip extracts ensure a natural showering experience and provide soothing relaxation.

Cavallinospa | HAND CREAM

50 ml | 12,00 €
Exclusive hand cream for perfect protection and optimal care. Moisturizes and protects skin from external influences.

Cavallinospa | SOAP

100 g | 5,00 €
This traditional hand-crafted natural soap gives your skin a soft and gentle glow.

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If you book within April 30st 2022 and with a minimum stay of 7 nights, we grant a 10% discount on the stay. For stays from 24th of July 2022 to 28th of August 2022 the discount is 5%.


The early booking discount winter is suspended until further notice due to the Covid 19 situation.
Anyway we will offer you absolutely flexible booking conditions.

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