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vitalis massage resonanz | CELLULITE

80 minutes | 114,00 €
The innovative and effective cellulite program Unique massage techniques and potent natural products help to alleviate and abate cellulite marks efficiently and sustainably. The specialties of the massage are an invigorating foot bath and body peeling, a stimulating cupping-glass treatment, as well as a modulated cellulite massage with sound-bowls as per VITALIS Dr. Joseph.

Cavallinospa RELAXING DELUXE Program

80 minutes | 114,00 €Opt out, and commence your Deluxe Programme with a calmingCup of Sweet Dreams Tea. Especially attuned to your needs, you can select the ideal Bath or Pack under the guidance of our Staff for your programme. After that, you can enjoy a gentle and extended VITALSTONE Massage with warm basalt stones or select a DORSALIS back massage to remove even the last traces of any tension.


Cavallinospa DETOX PROGRAM

110 minutes 138,00 €You commence our powerfully effective detoxification programme with a de-acidifying Cup of Antacid Tea. Absolutely attuned to your needs, you can select the ideal Bath or Pack for your programme with the assistance of our Staff. Enhance the effects with an Alpine Body Peeling treatment with detoxification hay-flowers extract. The lymph stimulating massage successfully rounds off the Detox Programme and skilfully stimulates the lymph flow.

St. Barth Sensation

50 minutes | 78,00 €LUXURIOUS BODY MASK WITH PAMPERING RELAXATION MASSAGEThe pampering  body mask provides  the skin with an intensive moisture boost and is a pleasure for all the senses. Select your favourite scent: bourbon  vanilla, delicate tiaré flowers or exotic  lily. A creamy, silky mask is gently applied to your entire body to supply your skin with intensive nutrients and lipids from high-quality  plant oils. The absorption  of the mask is intensified by a wonderfully fragrant relaxing massage as a finish (~25 minutes). Your entire skin takes on a visibly improved appearance  and vel- vety smooth texture


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