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Depilation care | Aesthetics

Everything for your beauty
Complete legs depilation, bikini zone and armpits | 45,00 €
Complete legs depilation | 30,00 €
Half legs or arms depilation | 20,00 €
Upper lip or armpits depilation | 15,00 €
Eyebrow correction 10,00 €
Eyebrow or eyelesh coloring 15,00 €

Hand- and feet care | Aesthetics

Everything for your beauty
Manicures | 40 min - 35,00€
Pedicure | 50 min - 40,00€
Packs and peeling for hands or feet | 20 min - 20,00€
Nail polishing | 10,00€

Cavallinospa CLASSIC | face

55 minutes | 68,00 €
Suitable for sensitive skin. Feels almost like taking a walk in warm
Summer rain… Your skin is brought to life and moisturized. Kissed
by the freshness of the dew, your skin is soft and supple.

Cavallinospa PREMIUM | face

80 minutes | 98,00 €
At the beginning of the facial treatment, the current status of your skin is reviewed by our beautician and an individualized program is agreed with you.
Premium facial treatment with organic certified mare’s milk natural cosmetics, deep cleansing,  including exfoliation, massage with ac- tive ingredients, facial mask and nourishing hand massage. … A new dimension in care and regeneration!

Cavallinospa ANTI AGE | face

55 minutes  | 68,00 €
A classy care ritual for mature, demanding  skin using pure mare’s milk, finest extracts and natural antioxidants. This highly effective,  individually  tailored,  anti-aging  natural  cos- metic application begins with an intensive  facial, neck and décolletage cleansing, followed by deep penetrating  facial exfoliation
and a final pampering treatment.

St. Barth Pureness

55 minutes  | 75,00 €  -   80 minutes | 112,00 €
Luxuriate in an exceptionally gentle  treatment of  face,  neck,  décolleté and hands. Enjoy the fresh fragrances of natural elixirs remi- niscent of a colorful Caribbean fruit basket.

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Early Booking Discount

With a minimum stay of 7 nights:

• Book at least 60 days before your intended arrival and receive a discount of 20% on your stay. In the periods from the 14th July to the 25th August 2019 and from the 26th December 2019 to the 6th January 2020, the discount is 10%.
• For bookings made no later than 30 days before arrival you will receive 10% discount, except the periods from the 14th July to the 25th August 2019 and from the 26th December 2019 to the 6th January 2020.

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